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Back Order FAQ

Please Read Fully Below About Back Order Items


What is an ETA?

  • Back Order ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) dates are estimates only. Shipments typically don't arrive on the exact day. 

This item said low stock and now there are none left?

  • Our system recognizes all stock levels below 15 and down to 0 as low stock. This means stock items could be 0 left and our system will show low stock.
  • This is done because suppliers are not great at keeping accurate stock. Many times "out of stock" items are in fact "In Stock" and "In Stock" items are in fact "Out of Stock". We choose to check with suppliers first then letting the customer know. We do realize this can be an inconvenience for some but it's also very helpful for others.

Why was I not notified sooner that my item was on back order?

  • We do our absolute best to notify customer of back order items within 24 hours. However in some case a supplier may not contact us until 72 hours or more after a order has been submitted. In this case we contact customers ASAP
  • Sometimes suppliers over sell. This means that items were showing in stock but the supplier had not updated the stock in time to reflect the actual number of items available.

Should I wait for my back order item?

  • Many of the most popular items we carry sell out very fast...sometimes even in the pre-selling phase. This means some products are so popular that they are rarely actually in stock and not spoken for. We always suggest this to customers deciding whether or not to wait on an item. If you really like the item and are willing to wait then do so because that may be the only way you can actually purchase this item. However, if you are on a time schedule and need the item on an exact date then consider a different item. Remember you can always cancel up until 48 hours before an item ships if it doesn't arrive on time.
  • Please note that if we are out of stock for a specific item then most of the time all online retailers are out of stock for that item as well. When the supplier runs out unfortunately we ALL do as well. Chances are every online retailer is waiting for that stock shipments to arrive in order to fulfill orders.

Do Shipments ever get delayed?

  • Yes, shipments can be delayed for a month or more from the back order date. This can be due to a number of reasons. Shipments can be delayed because of storms on the seas, containers stopped at customs, production issues, breakdowns of ships on the water or any number of reasons. The Rustic Furniture Store has no control over these delays once a shipments hits the seas or during production.  
  • All ETA dates are subject to change without notice.

Why has my ETA for a back order item changed?

  • Supplier will give ETA's of shipments and then change them as they get a clearer picture of when the shipment will actually arrive. As mentioned above there are any number of reasons that a shipment can be delayed. Sometimes we receive these updates well after the original ETA date. Unfortunately we do not have the answer as to exactly why an order has been delayed in arriving.
  • The Rustic Furniture Store has no control over delayed back order dates and just reports updates from our suppliers. Sometimes suppliers give us dates then change those dates later in the process. It can be frustrating but TRFS does its best to track these shipments as much as possible.

Will The Rustic Furniture Store send regular updates?

  • No, we will update customers at the request of customers. If you ever have any questions about the status of your back order, all you have to do is email us. We will be happy to give you an update. Just give us 24-48 hours to get that update to you. Please keep in mind that suppliers change ETA dates without notice to The Rustic Furniture Store. Only once we contact them are we given the new ETA dates.

Can I cancel my order on a back order item?

  • Yes you can cancel any time up until 48 hours before the item ships. Just send us an email cancelling your order and we will take care of that for you. Once and item ships standard refund/return policies apply.
  • The reason 48 hours is needed is because sometimes orders ship and we do not receive tracking info for 48 hours. 

Why has my card been charged?

  • TRFS will charge you card within 7 days of ordering for back order items. Our payment system only authorizes payments for seven days and then payment info is no longer valid. In order to reserve items we must capture the payment and submit the order to the supplier to reserve your item.
  • Sorry at this time we cannot reserve and item until payments is accepted.

If you have any other question please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.