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How to choose the right bookcase. A Buying Guide.

Choosing a bookcase can be a daunting task with some many choices available. Do you want mobile bookcase, built in shelving, wood etagere that’s more like shelving or a big tall bookcase that’s the centerpiece of the room.

A bookcase, as the name applies is something most view for just books, but it’s really so much more. Bookcases are very versatile pieces that can be used to organize a wider range of everyday items.

Although choosing the size and style of bookcase or etagere that you want depends on the size or the room it will go in and what your personal style taste are, there are still general tips that will help you make a great choice.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Choosing the right construction material. 

With so many choices we will focus on some of my favorite.

  • Solid Hardwood. It’s a classic and goes great in any room
  • Wood and Metal. This is actually my favorite and goes great with so many styles.
  • Wood veneers (boards made up of thin layers of wood) and plywood can be good for some rooms and they are very cost effective


  1. Double check dimensions.

Bookcases and eatgeres come in many different sizes, so choosing one that fits your room is very important. Make sure you measure the room carefully and take into account ceiling height.  If you plan to put the shelf between a window make sure you measure that space carefully. The key is to use theses measurement to make a wise choice and making sure to pick something that doesn’t impeded traffic flow.


  1. Do you need adjustable shelves?

Choosing adjustable shelves can be a great way to make sure you always have a purpose for your bookcase. Adjustable shelves can assure you can fit a wide variety of different items on your bookcase. For most people this is a must have!


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