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2 Quick Tips to Mix and Match


  1. Incorporate what you already have.

If you are like most it is not possible to simply replace all of your furniture at one time. So that leaves us with the option of incorporating what you have with the new pieces you purchase. It is possible to mix dark traditional pieces of furniture with the light cottage style.

You can lighten up your traditional dark wood pieces with light linens and throw rugs.

The key to mixing in lighter cottage looks with traditional dark furniture is to lighten the feel of the room by using softer colors.

Here are a couple of examples of how to do this. If you have dark traditional wood bed set you could paint the night stand in softer colors to lighten the feel of the room or you could mix and match different bed sets to change the feel!

Embracing the furniture you have while adding new pieces is a great way to save money and still design and amazing room.


  1. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

 Often times we look for inspiration from blogs and other professionals and finding inspiration especially from professionals is helpful. However, don’t be afraid to really stretch your own creativity.

Try everything! Try mixing styles you haven’t seen anywhere before. In this day and age there are not set rules for what furniture goes together. Sure some pieces fit better together then others but at the end of the days…it is your space to do with it what you please.

For instance mixing different colors of wood pieces in on space can make the room very pleasing the eyes and bring character to the home.

Don’t be afraid to create a space that is unique to you!

Mixing and matching new pieces with some of the great old pieces you already have is great affordable way to give a room a face lift. Styles change over time so if you are wanting to take your old traditional room and update it with a modern rustic look this is a great way to get started.



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