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3 tips for choosing the perfect bookshelf

  1. Make a decision on where you want to put the bookshelf and measure the area.

This should be a fairly common sense for most people but unfortunately (and I am guilty of this) we have all purchased furniture then tried to make it fit in our home. Make sure you take a minute to measure the space available in your chosen room and use those measurements to find the right location for your new piece of furniture.

 Here’s  a couple of things you will want to consider:

Make sure there‘s enough room to walk by the bookshelf comfortably without having to shimmy around it. Also leaving room to carry large items you may use from time to time. Fully loaded bookshelves are heavy and last thing you want is too unload your bookshelf just because you need to move something around it.

Make sure to measure the ceiling height. You don’t want to find the perfect piece just to find out it’s too tall!

2. Have a plan for what your bookshelf will be used for

I know I know bookshelves are for books! Times are changing and more and more traditional bookshelves are being used as multi-purpose pieces. People are using them for photos, storing dvds, travel souvenirs, and decorative accent pieces.  Making a decision on what you intend to use your bookshelf for will help you decide how much shelf space is needed. If you only intend to store very few books and your piece is more decorative you may decide a etagere is better way to go.

3. Decide what style bookshelf looks best with your existing furniture

Unless you plan to buy all new furniture (we at TRFS hope you do! J) then its important that you pick something that can coexist effortlessly with your existing furniture. Good news is people are blending lots of different styles into their homes.  We at the TRFS really love this concept. Rustic urban and farmhouse styles can mesh beautifully and we have many pieces that you can choose from here.  

No matter what bookshelf you choose, following these three tips above will help make your shopping decision that much more easily. 

 Having any tips we forgot? Let us know below!

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