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3 Decorating Ideas For Summer

1. Go Sleek

Think about your home as a  rental, and you'll see it in a complete different way. Open up the entryways and windows, pull back the drapes, and dispose of pieces that are dim, bleak, or have a winter feel. Stow away overwhelming frill, blankets,  tosses, and items used for warmth until fall arrives.



2. Spice it up

Consider purchasing accent dishes full of color to spice up your room. Use sprinkles of late spring with summer styling to give you room a bright airy fell. Blends of colorful flower, tropical plants, and nautical dishes and decor with give your home a great look. 


3. Change of View

Fireplaces are amazing, especially in the cooler months. But now its summer and its time rearrange you rooms to take advantage of the natural light and windows in your home.  Stow away substantial draperies and hang white sheers that stream with the breezes.



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